6 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In Inland Empire

6 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In Inland Empire

6 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In Inland Empire

Because of all the advantages they provide, artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular. They may be installed in any environment and don’t require mowing, watering, or fertilizer. When constructing an artificial lawn, homeowners frequently make mistakes that end up losing them time and money. 

  • Making The Wrong Grass Selection 

It’s a common misconception among homeowners that one sort of artificial grass is identical to another. While some products are meant to resist frigid temperatures, others are made for warmer climes. 

  • Not Enough Preparation 

Although it’s not a difficult task, installing artificial turf is not something you can complete in a single afternoon. It’s crucial to be aware of your available space, your financial situation, and the specific grass varieties that work best in your environment. 

  • Purchasing The Grass In Small Amounts 

It’s crucial to conduct research and get as much artificial grass at once as you can. It is more likely that particular varieties or colors won’t be available the longer you wait. 

  • Not Performing Correct Drainage 

Your artificial lawn will have the propensity to flood if it is not built correctly. Avoid putting the grass in locations that are too shaded or that are sloping. To guarantee that water can run freely through the turf without causing any problems, the entire area should be graded appropriately. You may even need to add drainage pipes. 

  • Obtaining A Vulnerable, Uneven Surface 

Artificial grass should always be spread out on a level surface and rolled down to prevent creases or bulges. This is crucial if you plan to install turf over concrete since any bumps would be obvious. 

  • Ignoring The Membrane That Prevents Weed Growth 

Artificial grass is a terrific method to conserve water and lessen the need for chemicals, but if weeds start to grow in between the blades, it won’t be able to achieve any of these things. A weed-prevention membrane should always be installed before your product is spread out on top of it. 


What Activities Must I Abstain From On My Artificial Turf? 

Stay away from harsh chemicals. Although we can’t rule out the possibility of artificial grass fading or staining, you’ll discover that it is remarkably robust. 

What Could Harm Synthetic Grass? 

This is a plentiful source of heat and smoke that can harm the grass, whether it burns propane, charcoal, or natural gas. Smoking poses a risk that is easiest to ignore. 

Can Heavy Items Harm Synthetic Grass? 

Artificial grass is susceptible to matting and damage from the extra weight on the blades, just like real grass is. Due to excessive pressure and extreme matting, heavy things are left on your synthetic grass for an extended period of time.


Synthetic grass is a truly wonderful option for people who are looking to save time and money with the best possible environment. Give Inland Empire Artificial Turf a call at (951) 330-3088 to know more about our amazing services.


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