3 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than A Live Lawn In Inland Empire


3 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than A Live Lawn In Inland Empire

3 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than A Live Lawn In Inland EmpireWe believe that artificial grass is preferable to genuine grass in your backyard for a number of reasons. There are a few persuasive arguments in favor of artificial grass in your garden, even though not everyone concurs. 

The most recent artificial grass frequently appears excellent enough to pass for real grass. All-weather grass is currently a must-have for many individuals, and you can have a look at that here. We’ve outlined five reasons why using all-weather grass is preferable to having a real backyard garden below. 

1) Seasonal, Beautiful Gardens 

It’s like having an outdoor carpet to have artificial grass in your backyard garden. If your pet is eliminated in the garden, you will need to quickly rinse them down or wipe them down. You can guarantee that your grass will appear the same all year long by doing this. 

2) Artificial Grass Requires No Upkeep 

All-weather grass takes very little upkeep to keep it looking nice. Although we already discussed that, it definitely helps. An artificial lawn doesn’t require much watering, mowing, or feeding. 

3) Real Grass Can Grow In Any Weather 

Yes, it seems very genuine! Nobody can dispute how real and authentic fake grass can appear all year long. Another factor that makes all-weather grass, so well-liked by our clients is its aesthetic value. You can choose from a variety of blade lengths for artificial lawns. 


Is Turf More Environmentally Friendly? 

Artificial turf can significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint since it uses less water, produces less pollution, leaves fewer chemicals in your yard, and is better at collecting and reusing rainfall. 

The Safety Of Turf Versus Grass 

In particular, playing on artificial turf increases the risk of non-contact lower extremity injuries to players by 28%. Of those non-contact injuries, turf has a startling 69% higher prevalence of non-contact foot/ankle injuries than grass, and players have a 32% higher rate of non-contact knee injuries on turf. 

Is Synthetic Turf Flammable?

The good news first: synthetic grass is not combustible! 

It wouldn’t ignite, and the fire wouldn’t spread even if an ember from your fire pit were to fly outside and fall on your lawn. Is that terrible news? Your artificial turf would melt in that area, ruining the appearance of your lawn.


In the end, there are a lot of good reasons to buy artificial grass. Here is your response if you want to see the top 3 reasons why all-weather grass is the best. Call Inland Empire Artificial Turf at (951) 330-3088.